Over 3000 Registrations!

Turkey Trotters, the 2013 Alexandria Turkey Trot is filling up at record pace, and we have blown past the 3000 registrations mark. Last year, 10 days before the race we only had 1800 registrations. 


You may be wondering what this means for you, a few things. 


1. If you are already registered, you will likely be running against the largest field we have ever seen at the alexandria turkey trot.

2. If you are not registered, you should do so soon. We are up against a hard cap of 6000 participants, and are likely to sell out before raceday. 

3. If we do sell out, this will be the first year we don't offer raceday registration. 

4. If you plan on spectating, you will see the largest most competitive field ever seen in Alexandria.


The moral of the story, don't forget to register ahead of time, and remind your friends to do the same thing.




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