Charlie Ban - Meet The Elites

Charlie Ban

Charlie started running in junior high to get around rather than biking up Pittsburgh's gnarly hills. He started racing because the eighth grade track coach told him he wasn't allowed to throw anymore after he lost a discus on an overgrown hillside. Luckily, his cross country coach knew what he was doing and helped make the transition from hobby to competition seamless. His college coach made him never want to stop running and now he's one of the old guys on the Georgetown Running Club team.

Much like when he started running, he views the sport as a way to master a region's geography and appreciate the pedestrian transportation network.


Why The Alexandria Turkey Trot:

I stick around town Thanksgiving morning to run the Alexandria Turkey Trot because it's one of the best races I've come across, in terms of course and race management, competition level, community support and general atmosphere. Doing strides before the race and staring down the thousands of people on Mount Vernon Avenue thrills me every year.

Race Results:Winner of the 2017 Eastern Oregon Half Marathon, Miles on Memorial 15k, Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail Half Marathon and 2016 Summer Strides 5k.


  • 8k: 25:19
  • 10k: 31:43
  • 10 mile: 53:22
  • half: 1:10:10


Charlie Ban - Meet The Elites

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