1975 First ever Alexandria Turkey Trot, it reportedly had 244 runners with Jack Mehurin taking first place at 25:07.

1976 had over 400 runners with Bruce Robinson winning at 24:38.

1977 race was noted for being much more organized, and it appears to be the first time we had a grand marshal and a turkey costume. Councilman Nick Colasanto fired the starting gun.  A little over 700 runners entered, and 670 finished.  Apparently for the first time, there was a pace car (a jeep) and someone in a Turkey suit moving ahead of the pack.

Pat Dale organized the 1976 and 1977 Turkey Trots, and it began at the Arlandria Shopping Center at 10:15am.  Patches were offered in 1976. 

The start of the race moved to Cora Kelly in 1978.  Registration opened at 9am that morning and cost 50 cents to enter.  The race started at 10:15 as before.

In 1979, the entrance fee was $1.

1982, Vice-Mayor Jim Moran ran in the race and handed out the prizes afterwards. 

In 1982, the entrance fee was $1.50 plus a can of food for the Salvation Army.  By 1987, the food was going to ALIVE.

2009 First time the turkey trot is timed with timing chips
2011 First time we had over 4000 finishers
2012 Venue moved to Goerge Washington Middle School





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